Our Solutions

BWM Mediasoft clients are primarily consumer customers (home users + SOHO). For certain markets and partners, BWM Mediasoft has developed and maintained a network of resellers.

BWM Mediasoft technologies are intuitive, simple and at the same time, complete.
Professional counseling services - Our partners' success is also our success. We do not only respect and implement partner requirements, we also provide recommendations, we keep constant communication and we involve in order to provide the desired results. We do not want to be only a supplier but a partner, a counselor, an expert that partners can count on.


Multibrand stores

"One store – multiple brands, one language, same category "

Development and promotion of e-shops for all brands from our portfolio or part of them, grouped under various categories or themes. Our customers will have more choice options in one visit. They will be able to compare various products and special offers.

Development, promotion, maintenance, online store

"One store – one brand, one language"

The basic concept consists of using our e-commerce platform for developing and promoting online stores, dedicated to the brands we work with, represented especially by software solutions. All online stores are available in the languages of the countries where we act.
All platform modules are 100% property of BWM Mediasoft, hence the flexibility and the speed with which we can develop, launch and maintain our online stores.

Development, promotion, maintenance of « white-label» online stores

"Your store, our platform, our products"

Our partners focus on their main activities and outsource us their online development and promotion. We provide expertise, knowledge and technologies to develop and sustain their online environment, under the partner’s brand.
This way, important resources will be saved and they will be directed to the important processes of the business partner: production, research and development, etc. The partner will not spend any time, human and financial resources to develop their own store «from scratch». There will not be investments in infrastructure, maintenance or intellectual property. Furthermore, we will provide the most suitable promotion and distribution channels. All these, under the partner’s brand.

Administrating the producers stores

"Your store, our platform, your products"

Managing the official stores of the producers from various fields (from IT to agriculture), using BWM Mediasoft know-how, its own platforms, payment processors etc.
Many producers prefer to outsource their own online business, in order to save costs or internal resources. Other producers believe that logistics and online commerce management distract their attention from the main activities that should be a priority.
Regardless of size, online business outsourcing is primarily a matter of efficiency and competitiveness: cost saving and time, following the objectives and the deadlines, avoiding purchasing technology or staff training etc.

BWM Mediasoft technology

E-commerce platform features:
• Automatically order processing, fast and secure
• Simplified order placing and registration systems
• Innovative shopping cart, able to keep the customers choices, no matter how many inside pages are visited
• Automatic notifications to the client, regarding the order status. Possibility of email message and layout customization;
• Efficient management of virtual stocks and product catalogues
• Easy-to-manage product information – change and update, insert new descriptions and images, modify the prices, create bundles, cross promotions and any special offers.
• Order history. Through the client accounts, our customers can always see the past orders, purchased products, prices and current status of the licenses.
• International agreements with notorious, trustful payment processors, ready to cover every market
• Multiple payment options – credit card, check, bank transfer, multiple shipments etc.
• Generate reports with multiple filter options. Publishers can directly access the applications for checking the available reports;
• Products delivered electronically, by download

Marketing features:
• Client account just in few steps, that will simplify the next orders process, by only entering the credit card information
• Product recommendation to a friend
• Possibility to register different billing and shipping addresses
• 24/7 customer support
• Search Engine Optimization of new and already running e-shops
• Dedicated fraud prevention department
• Planning and development of emailing campaigns directly from the platform, to different groups. Generate reports and statistics that measure the results of the email dissemination.
• Build-in newsletters, easy to create and disseminate.
• Back-office system that allows the reactivation of the abandoned orders
• Reports about visitors behavior, preferences, pages, sources, desired products etc
• Possibility of implementing special offers and discounts based on reduction codes, coupons and vouchers, that can be used on multiple e-shops or on different periods;
• Download centers that offer evaluation versions of all products. Tracking of the trial versions and permanent communication with the trial users;
• Tracking of the renewals of the software licenses
• Easy-to-implement banners and special offers sections, landing pages
Tier IV data center

All our applications, webshops, downloadable products, databases and payment processes are hosted in Tier IV datacenters across Europe. A Tier IV data center is fault-tolerant, that still maintains operations while any unplanned activity occur. Tier IV facilities have no single points of failure.

In such way we ensure high availability and security of our solutions, both for our partners and our clients.

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