Channels for your software

Is your company representing strong brands and having products and services that worth being offered to more and more customers?
Does your company need to increase the online commercial activity or reach a point that requires opening an online shop?
Do you have an online approach to your customers but you would like to improve the online results, generate more money and attract more visitors, very fast and with optimum efforts?
Is the online environment one of your primary driver for your next years of business activities?
Do you want to expand your business to new regions and channels?
Would you like to target new clients?
Through its applications, services, team and know-how, BWM Mediasoft can positively answer to all these questions.

Distribution Platform

Multi-brand stores, where the visitors may benefit from the diversity of products and services. Clients can find a wide range of products, compare the prices, choose between different special offers. The visitors save time by purchasing more products from a single place. Usually, this is the place for customers that are not yet decided, try to get informed and choose the best value for money.

The multi-brand stores are the places where producers meet each other and offer their products to online customers. The distribution platforms may also be developed under a certain theme or category: security solutions e-shop, software for Mac e-shops, software for mobiles etc.

BWM Mediasoft has in-house designers, developers and testers that can build original designs and ergonomic online stores that could offer a wide and clear image about all the offered products.

Our distribution platforms are designed in such way that can put together the supply and demand, in a both-ways successful manner.

All the brands are showed as equal, have the possibility to communicate their offer and advantages to the visitors and potential customers.

From these platforms, emailing campaigns and newsletters can be disseminated to our subscribers databases.

Dedicated Store

Single-branded stores are the dedicated, exclusive places where producers can present their portfolio, target a certain market or customer segment.
This vendor-centric model strongly focuses on the brand, its core values and benefits. Usually, this is the place for customers that preferred that brand.

No matter the market or language, the dedicated stores have uniform design, pricing structure, promotional schemes and advertising. Mono-brand e-shops are always the best option for partners because they provide long-term benefits, and save cost, time and energy.

BWM Mediasoft can create unique, custom designs for the e-shops that could successfully present the brand perception and positioning. Our development and online marketing team will efficiently generate traffic, increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates by monitoring the customer behavior and preferences.

By closely working with the producers, our marketing and customer support teams have continuously succeeded to make the single-branded stores a preferred environment for loyal customers and get the interest of the new ones. Everything is presented in a dynamic manner, offering all the time something new, innovative and fit to all kind of expectations.

White Label

If you are a publisher, distributor or media group and you want to rapidly expand the online commercial activities, you can choose our white label solution. There will not be investments in infrastructure, maintenance or intellectual property. Furthermore, we will provide the most suitable promotion and distribution channels.

All these, under the partner’s brand.

We will provide technical expertize and platform interfaces for seamless integration with the partner’s infrastructure – website, billing system, CRM etc. Our platform will be tightly integrated and branded into your existing domains. The integration will be done both at technological and design levels.

By using our white label services, you can rapidly enter or grow on the e-commerce market without infrastructure deployment, but at the sames time increasing the number of customers and average revenue per customer.

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