Dedicated Store

Single-branded stores are the dedicated, exclusive places where producers can present their portfolio, target a certain market or customer segment.
This vendor-centric model strongly focuses on the brand, its core values and benefits. Usually, this is the place for customers that preferred that brand.

No matter the market or language, the dedicated stores have uniform design, pricing structure, promotional schemes and advertising. Mono-brand e-shops are always the best option for partners because they provide long-term benefits, and save cost, time and energy.

BWM Mediasoft can create unique, custom designs for the e-shops that could successfully present the brand perception and positioning. Our development and online marketing team will efficiently generate traffic, increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates by monitoring the customer behavior and preferences.

By closely working with the producers, our marketing and customer support teams have continuously succeeded to make the single-branded stores a preferred environment for loyal customers and get the interest of the new ones. Everything is presented in a dynamic manner, offering all the time something new, innovative and fit to all kind of expectations.

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