BWM Mediasoft technology
E-commerce platform features:
• Automatically order processing, fast and secure
• Simplified order placing and registration systems
• Innovative shopping cart, able to keep the customers choices, no matter how many inside pages are visited
• Automatic notifications to the client, regarding the order status. Possibility of email message and layout customization;
• Efficient management of virtual stocks and product catalogues
• Easy-to-manage product information – change and update, insert new descriptions and images, modify the prices, create bundles, cross promotions and any special offers.
• Order history. Through the client accounts, our customers can always see the past orders, purchased products, prices and current status of the licenses.
• International agreements with notorious, trustful payment processors, ready to cover every market
• Multiple payment options – credit card, check, bank transfer, multiple shipments etc.
• Generate reports with multiple filter options. Publishers can directly access the applications for checking the available reports;
• Products delivered electronically, by download

Marketing features:
• Client account just in few steps, that will simplify the next orders process, by only entering the credit card information
• Product recommendation to a friend
• Possibility to register different billing and shipping addresses
• 24/7 customer support
• Search Engine Optimization of new and already running e-shops
• Dedicated fraud prevention department
• Planning and development of emailing campaigns directly from the platform, to different groups. Generate reports and statistics that measure the results of the email dissemination.
• Build-in newsletters, easy to create and disseminate.
• Back-office system that allows the reactivation of the abandoned orders
• Reports about visitors behavior, preferences, pages, sources, desired products etc
• Possibility of implementing special offers and discounts based on reduction codes, coupons and vouchers, that can be used on multiple e-shops or on different periods;
• Download centers that offer evaluation versions of all products. Tracking of the trial versions and permanent communication with the trial users;
• Tracking of the renewals of the software licenses
• Easy-to-implement banners and special offers sections, landing pages

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